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Katherine Clements, N.D., L.M.T., is deeply committed to serving each client as an individual, and acting as an integral part of the healing team. She strives to assist her patients to discover the root cause of their specific imbalance and utilizes her expertise in natural health, interpersonal communication, and mind-body-spirit healing techniques to facilitate greater balance and vitality for each ndividual.

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Naturopathic Family Care


Naturopathic approaches that can help you achieve your personal objectives include nutrition and dietary changes, lifestyle coaching, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, massage or craniosacral therapy, detox, functional testing, and homeopathy. Let us support your optimal health with non-invasive, science-based, age-old natural methods.


Autism Spectrum and Sensory Disorders

autism Dr. Clements is dedicated to supporting clients with Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Sensory, and Developmental Disorders. Her extensive experience and training in the biomedical and naturopathic approach, helps her provide comprehensive, individualized, and effective support through diet and lifestyle education, vitamin and herbal supplements, craniosacral therapy, and homeopathic remedies.







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