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A natural approach to wellness has helped me lead a more healthful and fulfilling life.  As a 71 year old grandmother, my most recent accomplishment was hiking a mountain in North Carolina with my husband and grandchildren.  That would not have been possible without the help of Katherine Clements.  Not only has a natural approach helped me physically, but it has saved me and my health insurance thousands of dollars by preventing common debilitating diseases.

A big part of my natural health experience over the past five years has been with Katherine Clements. She is a wonderful person to have on my wellness team. Not only is she a good listener, a wise advisor, but she is always available and has a lovely new office facility.  And she provides magnificent massages!  I’m lucky to have her and natural health to reinforce my belief that it is God’s plan for the body to heal itself if given the right nutritional and educational support.

  • Barbara M., Bradenton, Fl


I can truly say Katherine Clements has helped us tremendously with our daughter, who developed Regressive Autism at the age of two.  Katherine Clements has gone far and beyond our expectations, not only with her professionalism and expertise but her attentiveness and devotion has made this journey a promising one as our daughter continues to improve.  Thank you Katherine Clements for making my precious angel smile again.

  • Orialy D., Rotonda West, Fl


My overall experience having Katherine Clements as my health consultant has been very positive.  Not only were my physical issues addressed but also my emotional.  Katherine Clements’ kindness and support was valuable during times of challenge for me.   I will be forever grateful to her and her office.

  • Debbie C., Venice, Fl


My experience with Aurora Therapeutics, Inc. is by far the best wellness visit I ever had in my life. I walked into Katherine Clements’ office being extremely depressed.  I have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I felt at home with Katherine Clements and that she truly cared about me and my problem.  Katherine Clements has a certain warmth and concern for me as a person.

Katherine Clements’ approach was gentle, taking you by the hand to help you feel that you can do this.  You can see in her face that you’re feeling better gives Katherine Clements a sense of pride and accomplishment.  I must say that natural health is the way to go!  It HAS resolved all of my problems!!

My experience: Katherine Clements gave me two craniosacral treatments in a week’s time (due to the fact that I was visiting Florida) that took away my pain, and it has never come back. I went home and began my new way of life.  I would like to say that everyone falls off the wagon with eating properly but when those old pains start up again you will find your way back to Aurora Therapeutics.  Katherine Clements Is The Best!

  • Debbie G.  Pittsgrove, NJ


Katherine Clements has been instrumental in setting me on the right path towards wellness… both as a professor and as a wellness advisor. She is so thoroughly and completely knowledgeable in the field of Alternative Medicine, that I have the utmost confidence in her advice and in her ability to help others. Katherine Clements is professional, caring and thoughtful, and dedicated to wellness. I have, and will continue to tell others of her outstanding knowledge, compassion and dedication.

I have always found Katherine Clements to have that rare combination of distinct professionalism, combined with compassion, caring and warmth that all too often is non-existent in allopathic medicine. Katherine Clements has worked with my daughter with great success also.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that her receptionist/office staff person, Judy, is delightful, smart, caring and truly a pleasure to work with as well.

I wish Katherine Clements continued success!

  • Diana A. University Park, Fl


When we first met Katherine Clements, doctors had suggested removing my son’s enlarged tonsils, in hopes of improving his sleep and behavior.  Katherine Clements suggested exploring food sensitivities.  He was highly sensitive to gluten, soy, dairy and peanuts; all things that basically made up his diet!  We removed soy and peanuts easily, and decided to leave dairy alone, since it was his only protein.  Gluten was another story.  The thought of removing it just overwhelmed me. 

It took a complete meltdown, after a gluten-filled end-of-the-year party at school, to convince me.  We completely cut out gluten starting the next day.  The first month was difficult for him (and us!), but one slip up convinced him it was worth continuing.  After having a small amount of gluten, my son told me it felt like someone was walking around hitting him in the head with a rock and punching him in the stomach.  He realized that before “going off gluten” he always felt that way. 

Despite knowing this, after about 5 months gluten-free, we allowed him to have some regular pizza.  The behavior that followed was frightening, ranging from completely zoned out to completely out-of-control.  I actually had to keep him home from school for 3 days.

My son has been gluten-free for about 2 ½ years.  He now has lots of friends and is doing great at school.  He is more tuned in to the people around him.  He no longer has 30 minute meltdowns.  His tonsils are smaller too!  Katherine Clements took the time to find the cause, not just address a symptom, and that time has truly changed my son’s life.

  • Julie E., Sarasota, Fl


Katherine Clements and her approach to healing have improved my life in the biggest way by giving me confidence that I am in control of my health.  As a believer in natural methods to heal the body, Katherine Clements helps me channel that energy both mentally and physically with tangible results.  Aurora Therapeutics gives me a choice in how I want to address any ailment and just by giving me choice, is empowering and central to natural healing.

I have referred friends and family to Katherine Clements because I believe her training, level of care, and professionalism bridge the gap between Western and Eastern modalities of healing.  The level of care and concern I have received at Aurora Therapeutics is second to none.  I always felt my condition or situation was important to Katherine Clements and her availability and prompt response to my questions has been very comforting.

  • Kim S., Sarasota, Fl


My son is on the Autistic Spectrum and I felt he needed more care regarding the foods that he ate.  We found Katherine Clements to be very caring and non-judgmental in what we had been doing and what she felt we needed to change.  We found that he had many issues regarding his stomach and digestion and started a plan of foods and supplements.  He has improved so much with digestion, focus and it has helped him to do better with handwriting, behavior etc. 

I have referred others to see Katherine Clements and always tell them she is caring and has never made us feel like we made “wrong” choices prior to our visit with her.  We love her and the calm relaxing atmosphere in her office.  Our experience with the staff and Katherine Clements has been nothing but positive and wonderful.  I would not send any of my friends (and/or their children) to anyone else but Katherine Clements.

  • Leah L., Port Charlotte, Fl


Katherine Clements has worked with me for 7 years.  My first meeting with Katherine Clements was warm, comfortable, positive and encouraging.  I have throughout these many years had the opportunity to see how Katherine Clements handles many different types of situations.  Her approach is always positive, balanced, calm and thorough.   When I first came to Katherine Clements I was very unsure as to how to approach my particular situation.  I was on medicine that had failed to work and in addition was causing side effects that could potentially lead to very serious complications.  My husband is a doctor, and was concerned about the blood levels that were a direct result of a particular medication.  It was my decision to seek a healthier approach that would work on giving me relief from the depression, anxiety, and hormone imbalance. 

When I came to see Katherine Clements I was already classified as “disabled”.  Today I feel relieved and no longer take anything that will jeopardize my health in the future.  I have also found “relief”.  I can sleep and am generally happy and at peace.  When I need Katherine Clements, she immediately responds.  She responds with care and she follows through without my prodding.  Katherine Clements has spoken with my husband on several occasions when I needed her to.  My husband is very impressed with her knowledge.  I would not be exaggerating when I say that Katherine Clements is brilliant and well-rounded.  This is what I have been searching for.  I am grateful that I have found her.   When I need to see an MD, Katherine Clements refers me to one.  She provides me with resources and related articles.  I cannot say enough about her.  I am extremely grateful.  When we know better, we do better.  Now I know. 

  • Anonymous,  Punta Gorda, Fl


If health is your goal and an understanding of how your body works is important to you – this is the place - always thoughtful, offering helpful and comprehensive care.  Recently an acquaintance heard that I had a child with developmental delays and asked for my “story” and advice.  I suggested that the mother go to Katherine Clements for a consultation.  The parents had been to more than one expert - a Neurologist and Developmental Pediatrician etc., without seeing much of a move toward health with their child.  The mother recently talked to me about their experiences and said of all the things they had done, seeing Katherine Clements and following her protocol brought about the most benefit and that some of the basics that Katherine Clements explained,  hadn’t been on her radar but “ it all makes perfect sense”.

Katherine Clements has committed herself to her clients and in particular to children on the Spectrum. She keeps educating herself to stay updated on the latest developments and knows how to get these kids better!  Katherine Clements knows how to be a detective and has the savvy to understand the intricacies of the human body as it expresses itself in unusual and difficult behaviors, sleep problems, communication delays and divergence, allergies etc.

Our children deserve the best care.  And they deserve a professional who listens to Moms and Dads and commits to finding out what is happening to their child who is struggling.  To quote Karen Lerousi – “there is no symptom without a cause.”  Katherine Clements will join forces with you and get hope back into your life.

I can’t think of a road more complicated than the one facing families dealing with ASD.  Believe me when I tell you, as parents you must b uild a driven, caring, smart team of professionals.  You are the “general contractor”.  Get educated and get going.  Katherine Clements can help you and will not give up on your child.

  • Sherri M., Sarasota, Fl
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